STORK REPORT 12/3 (U.S. Version)

image by: Sour Apples Handmade

A look at somes names that have popped up in birth announcements recently.


  • Beck Wayne
  • Caroline Lottie
  • Drake Leon
  • Eli Jasper
  • Lana Michael Lee
  • Loretta June
  • Penny Alyce
  • Remington Bodhi
  • Tuesday Lane


  • Aiden Cane
  • Aurra Jayde
  • Ayven Zye (boy)
  • Ellis David
  • Gentry Dawn
  • Ingrid Belen
  • Olivia Blair
  • Sakae Sinai


  • Annabelle Autumn
  • Bliss Aurora
  • Camden Alberic
  • Emmitt Danger
  • Leland Ernest Alarie
  • Olive Anne


  • Atticus Gray
  • Capri Alyse
  • Charles Irving
  • Declan Cary
  • Ellery Jane
  • Iris Lucille
  • Jude Palmer
  • Piper Rosalie
  • Reese Patricia
  • Sarah Sunshine


  • Alice Kingsleigh
  • Calliope Pearl
  • Colt Carlisle
  • Jordyn Day (girl) 
  • Josie Kalea
  • Oliver Miller
  • River Harrison
  • Royce John
  • Ted Wayne
  • Vera Ella 

What are your favorites?  I love Atticus Gray, Bliss Aurora & Tuesday Lane. 

5 responses to “STORK REPORT 12/3 (U.S. Version)

  1. I like Tuesday Lane as well and also River Harrison.

    Interesting to see Cary on a boy in modern day usage.

  2. I like Camden Alberic and Calliope Pearl, amongst others. 🙂

  3. I second the love for Calliope Peal, absolutely stunning. Loving the choice of Sunshine as a middle name – so cheerful! Totally works in my opinion.

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