These are my favorites finds this week.   Names that stood out because they are personal favorites of mine, surprising middles, or ones that I don’t see all the time. 

Anouk Eloise

Astrid Verity

August Fenway

Eli Rook

Fable Rose Marie

Hale Lewis

Henry Breckinridge

Liam Medley

Liv Ingrid

Miles Winter

Rita Blanche

Thisbe Caroline

image by SteelPetalPress

5 responses to “FRIDAY FAVORITES

  1. Wow these are great! Love Liv Ingrid and Eli Rook, and I’m always happy to see a Thisbe.

    My favourite is Astrid Verity.

  2. I think my favorite is Astrid Verity as well. I love an unexpected virtue name in the middle spot, it’s so much fresher than the usual Grace or Faith.

    I have serious name crushes on Henry and Ingrid, love to see them!

    Rose Marie balances the kind of out there Fable really nicely.

  3. Ah, Thisbe — funnily enough, she was on my mind this week, how lovely to see one in use! 🙂

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