I love discovering names or words used as names that I’ve never seen before.  Here’s the newest batch of them.  Have you seen any original names lately?

  2. AGENT
  5. GORAWEN (Welsh name meaning Joy)
  6. HAIBE
  7. KITE
  9. TROUT
  10. TRUSS
  11. WIND (Do you like this better for a boy or a girl?) 
  12. ZUCA 

-image by Celebrationz


4 responses to “WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY (Agent & Kite)

  1. I actually quite like Thorpe. Prefer Wind for a boy but it definitely works for a girl too.

  2. Wind only makes me think of the bodily function I’m afraid!!!! And although Truss has many meanings, it only reminds me of the surgical one. Maybe I spend too much time around the elderly, which is why Trout makes me think of the phrase “old trout”, for an elderly and usually unpleasant woman.

    Those are all new names for me as well (except maybe Golden, I might have seen that as a middle only).

    • Oh, breaking wind. Not good. I didn’t think of that.
      I’ve never heard the phrase “old trout” before so I just thought of the fish and my dentist (his last name is Trout). 🙂

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