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Some interesting and unusual ‘B’ names.  What is your favorite ‘B’ name?

BARDO:  The Tibetan word meaning “intermediate state”.  Sandra Bullock used this a middle name for her son, Louis. 

BERNADETTE: The -et/ette ending is big right now with Juliet, Scarlet, & Violet making their way to the top of the charts.  Can Bernadette be far behind?  Bernadette Peters  makes for a lovely namesake.

BERYLMy grandmother’s middle name.  I think it is lovely, but it is a rare sighting. 

BLUE: A color name that has been used as a first name for both girls and boys, but mostly I see it used as a middle name.

BRAM:  A nickname for Abraham, but also used on its own.  It brings to mind Dracula’ writer Bram Stoker.    

BREESE:  A friend of mine named her baby girl this last year. It was her grandmother’s maiden name.  It pronounced to rhyme with Reese , not Breeze. 

BRESLIN: A last name used as first that has a a hint of Hollywood flavor.  You have probably heard of actress Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and her older brother, Spencer.  Interesting enough, it was used 8 times last year by both sexes.

BRIARDisney princess Sleeping Beauty makes me think of this name as feminine, but more boys were given this name in 2010 (172 boys to 70 girls).

BRIDGE: A new word name being used, but most people will think it is a nickname for Bridger or Bridget.

BRIOFor all you music fans out there.  I’ve only come across one, a baby boy, but I think it could be used as a girl’s name too.

5 responses to “BARDO & BREESE (B Names)

  1. I love Bram. My favorite “B” names are Benjamin and Belle. Very tame perhaps, but both are very significant to me.

  2. I love Basil. I have one friend who also loves it, but otherwise Basil generally gets a negative reaction 😦

    I know quite a few guys named Bilal and I like that too.

  3. Bram is very handsome. I don’t know if I have many favourite B names – I am fond of Barnaby though.

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