MAGNOLIA & MAINE (Friday Favorites)

– image by babybokydesigns 

My favorites.     These to me just stand out in the sea of Aidan James, Emma Kate, & Isabella Rose.     Do you like any of these? 

Isabel Vrai

Linus Wildman

Magnolia Mirabella

Maine Ashby

Milo Blue

Noble Kale

Olive Tuesday

Royal William

Teal Olivia

Valentina Finn 

2 responses to “MAGNOLIA & MAINE (Friday Favorites)

  1. Linus Wildman certainly stands out to me. But yes, all of these names have the virtue of just being “different” from the standards.

  2. The only name I don’t like here is Noble Kale. Kale is all leafy green vegetable to me, which leaves me wondering if the parents are devoted vegans or what.

    My favorite names (boy & girl) from this list are Linus Wildman and Valentina Finn.

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