ESME ELEVEN (Whimsical Wednesday)

For Whimisical Wednesday, we take a look at some cool middle names.  Would you use a something like these middle name for your baby?  What would you use? 

Achillies Saint

Aster Night

Aurora Scout

Bridger Maze

Dalton Thor

Emma Sunshine

Ernesto Running Bear

Esme Eleven

Gabriel Promise

Hilary Diva

Levi Charger

Maddox Royal

Magnolia Love

Nora Shine

Robert Wolf

Zahara Rome

image by irinashop

6 responses to “ESME ELEVEN (Whimsical Wednesday)


  2. I think the middle is the perfect place to use names like these. I’m loving Ernesto Running Bear, Gabriel Promise, and Magnolia Love.

  3. Sunshine, Running Bear and Wolf are AWESOME middle names.

    Maybe the best as a whole name though are Aster Night and Gabriel Promise.

  4. The middle name spot is the perfect place to go bold with your choices, thus on principle I love the concept of pretty much all of these names. The idea of using Maze as a name is certainly new to me – I guess you could also use Maze as a nickname for a child named Mazarine, not that you meet many of them!

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