FOX ROYAL & ROSE ETOILE (Friday Favorites)


image by Quotes & Quips

This time I pulled my favorites from international birth announcements.

  • Amelie Laurel Hart
  • Bronte Elizabeth (Zara)
  • Carys Leighton Rose 
  • Caspar Jack Austin (Jake & Freddy)
  • Clementine Alice (Sophie & Pippa)
  • Ethan Trail
  • Fox Royal
  • Jago Joss
  • Kerr Jackson
  • Louisa Primrose (William & Harriet)
  • Miro Adams
  • Rooke Hudson
  • Rose Etoile
  • Verity April 

5 responses to “FOX ROYAL & ROSE ETOILE (Friday Favorites)

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  2. I recognise Miss Bronte Elizabeth! 😉

    Love love love Clementine Alice, Rose Etoile, Fox Royal and Jago Joss.

    Funnily, I just came from your post of Scottish names, and there was a Fox and a Carys on that too! International trend, or do you just love those names?

    • Yes, Bronte has to be from Australia. ) I rarely spot her anywhere else but in your neck of the woods.

      That’s funny. I wrote the Scottish post about a month ago so just a coincidence that they were both used on the same day. I will usually add a Fox when I see one just because he’s a rare sighting and Carys does seem to be an international trend. I spot her more in the U.K. than I do in the U.S. or Australia.

  3. Amelie Laurel Hart, Caspar Jack Austin, Clementine Alice, and Louisa Primrose are wonderful.

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