PEBBLE & THYME (Whimsical Wednesday)

image by rhoobysue 

Some of the more whimisical girl names I’ve spotted recently. 




June Apple









What do you think?  Would you use any of these?

8 responses to “PEBBLE & THYME (Whimsical Wednesday)

  1. Kind of loving Thyme right now …

    I want to love Pebble, but maybe a nn for Petra? I have a hard time not adding an “s” and thinking Flinstone. Then again, I don’t know if my kids know who the Flinstones are – crazy, right? – so maybe it isn’t unwearable in 2012.

    • I agree. I wanted to add the s too, but her name was Pebble, not Pebbles. Do kids not know who the Flintstones are any more? That’s a little sad, but maybe that’s just me realizing how old I am. Ha! I’ve seen Rock, Canyon, Stone, so I can see the jump to Pebble. It would make an awesome nickname for Petra or Penelope.

  2. I always love Whimsical Wednesdays – ironically it contains a Tuesday … (which I adore).

    Lilikoi, Loveday, Sapphire and Zizi are amazing; June Apple is sweet, but I can’t admire Brindle or Revvie.

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  4. Zizi is a word French children use for “penis”, so I definitely wouldn’t call my daughter Zizi.

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