ARROW & SWAY (Whimsical Wednesday)

image by irinashop

We looked at some unusual girl names (PEBBLE & THYME) and some unusual boy names  (CADET & CHARMING), now it is time to look at some whimsical names that are used for both sexes.   What do you like on this list?  Do you prefer them for a boy or a girl?

















7 responses to “ARROW & SWAY (Whimsical Wednesday)

  1. The only one I like for a girl is Ever. It reminds me, for some reason, of the name Story which I also think of as female.
    Cedar, Fox, Lake, Maverick, Rebel, West and Zen feel completely masculine.
    The rest don’t feel like names to me.
    Interestingly I went to school with a guy named Rebel, he was not at all rebellious.
    I also had a dog named Wrigley. Maybe its because I live in Chicago, but Wrigley is a very popular canine name.

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah.Jane. Yeah, I don’t know why anyone would use Rebel for a baby’s name. It seems to be asking for trouble. 🙂

      • There’s a famous comedienne from Australia called Rebel Wilson. She is starting to make an impact in Hollywood films, so keep an eye on baby girls called Rebel!

        Arrow, Canyon, Fox, Maverick and West seem boyish; I don’t think Canyon and Fox are suitable on girls for grown up reasons.

        The rest seem unisex to me, except Wrigley, which doesn’t seem like a human name.

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  3. I think of Arrow (with that spelling) as a girl’s name & we are seriously looking at if for new girl due in a couple months. I have gotten alot of bashing online for even thinking of using Arrow as a name at all. Some people are VERY RUDE!

    • I really like Arrow. Congrats on your baby girl. Yes, people can be rude. When you choose bold/unusual names, you are going to get some rude comments especially online. I’ve met several babies with these kind of names,

      But you are not the only one who likes unusual names. I just wrote a book about Bold Baby Names and it is filled with them and I found them all in birth announcements. If you and your partner love the name Arrow, use it. Everyone will come to accept it and maybe even love it. I don’t know how many times I have heard, “I hated the name at first, but then it grew on me, and now I love it. Good luck and I would love to know what you decide.

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