CLARA JUBILEE & JACKSON FINCH (whimsical middles)

– image by bomobob

These are fast becoming my favorites.  I love unusual and/or whimsical middle names.

Blake Handsome

Carina Feather

Clara Jubilee

Gabriel Alias

Jackson Finch

Joyce Two

Kayden Moss

Penelope Maple

Sawyer Shine

Sophie Bliss

Tanner Noble

Zinnia Peach

3 responses to “CLARA JUBILEE & JACKSON FINCH (whimsical middles)

  1. I’m not used to the idea of Maple as a first name, even though I feel its usable. But I love Maple in the middle! Penelope Maple is my favorite. I do like the repetitious P’s in both names.

    I’ve heard of someone using Danger as a middle name so the boy could grow up to say “Danger is my middle name!” Maybe this is some urban legend.

    • I really like Maple as a middle name. It’s sweet.
      No, I’ve seen several babies with Danger as their middle name so it is definitely not an urban legend.

  2. Ooh, I’m not convinced by Alias a middle name, it looks well dodgy.

    Blake Handsome sounds funny; I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s bit like Prince Charming. I just think of him cringing just a little every time he has to give his middle name.

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