RUE & WAVE (Favorites)

image by Design des Troy

Amelia Echo

Atticus Gray

Huxley Allen

Keller James

Matilda Harper

Olive Adelaide

Oliver Dash

Penelope Day

Rue Elizabeth

Sullivan Stone

Vida Rose

Wave Robert

4 responses to “RUE & WAVE (Favorites)

  1. I love Olive Adelaide and Penelope Day. Wave Robert is pretty cool too.

  2. I love Vida Rose and Rue Elizabeth.

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  4. I love these:

    Amelia Echo
    Atticus Gray-this is awesome
    Matilda Harper
    Olive Adelaide-so sweet, reminds me of Victorian ladies
    Oliver Dash-great combo
    Penelope Day
    Rue Elizabeth-this is sweet
    Wave Robert-this is such a cool nature name I would have never thought of

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