CRIMSON (Alabama)

images by Coffeeshop girls

Albert Joseph

Alexander Mercer

Barrett Christian

Cooper Abram

Crimson Taylor-Jane

Dashlyn Marie

Easton Raine

Essence Sariah

Janie Claire

Lincoln Taylor

Madeline Blake

Mason Tyde

Olivia Azure

Paige Jewel

Piper Quinn

Rylan Ace Holt

Shiloh Fern

Taylor David

Wendie Rylan

William Greer

13 responses to “CRIMSON (Alabama)

  1. Crimson – it’s like Scarlett and Ruby, but turned up to 11!

  2. Crimson is awesome … what is this Tyde I keep seeing everywhere?

  3. I still really love Taylor on a boy, so lovely.

  4. angelamastrodonato

    Essence is interesting. At first some may write it off as a little tacky, but how is Essence different from other meaning names like Verity, etc.? I like the idea of Essence, but I’m not sure if I like it in practice though. It does almost sound more like the perfect name for a perfume than a person. Maybe it will grow on me.

  5. Essence is interesting. I like it in theory – along the lines of virtue names but with a modern twist, but I’m unsure of it in practice. I almost think Essence makes the perfect name for a perfume but not a baby.

  6. None of the girls’ names are standing out to me, but I do love Alexander Mercer, Cooper Abram, and William Greer.

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