CYPHER & GIFT (Whimsical Wednesday)

image by Archer & Mary

Here’s a batch of the lastest whimsical names I’ve spotted.  Have you seen any names that you would add to this list? 














6 responses to “CYPHER & GIFT (Whimsical Wednesday)

  1. Ooh I think I’ve posted quite a few whimsical names lately! 😉 Infinity, Soul, Sass, Luscious, Rhythm, Axis and Zenith all seemed quite whimsical to me.

    Novella is a bit strange – did the parents know the meaning I wonder? (A short novel).

    Remedy seemed a little odd at first too, but then I thought it’s exactly the same as the Spanish name Remedios. Same with Prairie – no different to Savannah.

    I have a secret liking for both Spirit and Wednesday.

  2. Nicole Trager

    I actually kinda like Novella, is an interesting choice with a modern sound. Prairie I have seen popping up lately, I kinda think it will be the next Payton or Paisley. I have always loved Wednesday

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  4. oh lordy do i Love these!!! so very whimsical! i already put on my list the name “Lyrical Novella” because it just flows like magic!

    luv, Jiinxsay

  5. thank you Sarah!! i Love your site 🙂

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