ASTERIX & SERAPHINE (international)

image by Flamboyant Designs


Aase Rose (Bailey)

Albert William (Xavier & Oscar)

Arabella Sparkes

Asher Claire

Asterix Serge Bernard

Carter Ridley (Aiden)

Charnae Ruby

Clea Violet (Siearra)

Dan Harvey

Dougal John

Fergus Edgar

Jasper Norman (Max)

Juliet Roma

Lachlan Max (Oliver)

Lennon Roy

Mae Louise

Millicent Grace

Nero Vincenzo Salvatore

Phoebe Clancy

Rose Eliza

Seraphine Bailey

Scout Lake

Sullivan Nash (Remy)

Tabitha Enid


Ariella Cher

Boden Alfred Nelson John

Brynly Ashby

Cherish Julia Lila

Dahlia Bertha

Dexen Theodore

Eleanor Cecile

Esti Hope

Ewan Erling

Grier William

Keanu Madden

Lorelai Autumn

Lydia Antje Martha

Oliver Sydney

Peggy Sue Marie

Piero Antonio

Serenity Ada

Steel Haven

Teddy Jack

Zachary Jossip


Angus Calan Thomas

Astor Isabella

Beatrix Gillie

Ewan Frazer

Faye Amelia-Rose

Finn Forrester

George Arthur

Hera Sybil Barbara Iris Jolene

Humphrey Noah

John Dougie Eric

Kit William

Kyle Spence

Leo Robin

Leonie May

Lois Isla

Luca Brennan

Matilda Masie

Ria Louise Grace

Susanna Lielle

Violet Edie

6 responses to “ASTERIX & SERAPHINE (international)

  1. Asterix is pretty awesome.. wonder if the parents are writers. Lorelai Autumn is probably my fave from the list today

  2. Arabella Sparkes is lovely!

    Hera Sybil Barbara Iris Jolene and Astor Isabella are also fantastic.

  3. angelamastrodonato

    Humphrey Bogart may be a cultural icon, yet seeing the name on a baby feels like a new discovery.

    I’m so psyched someone had the guts to use it!

  4. Susanna Lielle is my baby! She was born in Italy but her birth was announced in the UK. I’m glad her name made the list!

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