Amity Sharon

Archer Morrison

Arielle Sunday

Banjo Charles

Benson Brian

Bodhi Lennon (Marley & Willow)

Brinley Bernard

Calum Grae

Clyde Gilby (Elijah, Jem, & Kitty)

Darcy Trevor

Dashiel Aaron (Holiday)

Dirk Justin

Elbie May

Felix Haydn (Zahra)

Fia Ruby

Geoffrey Pasquale

Greer Scarlett

Harper Allegra

Izzy Laura

Jack Berry

Jackson Kenrick

Jethro Jordan

Kate Sadie

Kirrily Ivy (Leo)

Lachlan Reid

Lenai Halina (Kale)

Lucia Antonietta

Mabel Rose Vera (Emerson & Evie)

Mae Frances (Emi)

Miller Tennyson

Nate Harris

Nelly Grace

Oakley John (Madeline)

Oscar Zygmunt

Pippa Ellen (Eliza)

Poppy Hudson (Avalon)

Rafe Jack Edward

Rahni Christina Eve

Raven Mark Ian (Saige)

Rose Elliott

Ruby Coco

Ryder Grey

Samuel Basil (Nicholas & Patrick)

Slade Oliver

Solana Rose

Tayson Peter

Vesco Ryan

Violet Georgia (Sienna)

Willow Mercy

Zara Estelle


  1. Archie Jack & Flynn Monty
  2. Flynn Gilbert & Harriet Louisa

One response to “POPPY HUDSON (AUS)

  1. Flynn seems to be taking off. Love the names Oakley and Bodhi, hope they get more popular in the US.
    I actually quite like Darcy and Brinley on boys, refreshing.

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