JASPER SPEAR (Stork report)


Adaleigh Aray

Emalyn Amore

Harold Paul

Haven James

Jathan Christopher

Jessabella Paige

Karen Clarke

Lucy Josephine

Ruthie Claire

Tavar Calil


Adalyn Claudia

Aspen Finnley

Callan Fletcher

Everly Noelle

Haven Jolie

Hollis Austin

Jasper Spear

Kaia Rain

Malin Bray

Micah Everett

Ridge Monroe

Vera Lynn

Wyatt Houston


Antonia Teresa

Asher Troyce

Corban Bennett

Coralyn Wynter

Evander Martin

Florence Isabella

Harper Lillian

Henry Gray

Janette Brielle

Kellan Yates

Luke Rainer

Nicholas Ford

Stanley Williams

Tallulah Eve

Talon Cain

Zoey Nova Sage

4 responses to “JASPER SPEAR (Stork report)

  1. Love these: Harold Paul, Jasper Spear, Luke Rainer, Evander Martin, Stanley Williams, and Tallulah Eve

  2. Love Zoey Nova Sage, and Vera Lynn is hilarious. “We’ll meet again … don’t know where … don’t know whennnnnn”.

  3. Harold Paul sounds like an old man’s name lol

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