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BELLAMY FALL (Stork Report – U.S.)

image by: Sour Apples Handmade 


August Malcolm

Axel Gaines

Betsy Marie

Charlize Blair

Ellis Gray

Everon Wayne

Grace Maxine

Jethro Kane

Klaudia June

Parker Blade



Bellamy Fall

Boyd Reed

Devlyn Moss

Gwenna Lee

Marcy Ella

Nicholas Sullivan

Rayne Novenne

Rex Lincoln

Rylan King

Zeb Matthew



Anthony Maynard Lee

Bailey Michael

Evan Journey

Hadley Parker

Jayne Jeanette

Lily Marilu

Palmer Josephine

Ryder Fawkes

Suvanna Kayet Jane

Xavier Mason



Ariella Aurora

Charles Altman

Creed Jace

Declan Shae

Emilia Wren

Honestee Elizabeth Louise

Meya Joette

Solana Noelle

Timber Brice

Wyatt Minor


image by bomobob 

Wacky Wednesday? Whimsical Wednesday? Weird Wednesday?  I debated on what to call this post.  I don’t like sites that trash baby names.  These are real babies, with parents who love them, but these stand out from the rest of the gang so I’m going with Whimsical.  

Note:  some of these are more whimsical than others.  Enjoy!

Black Cloud (boy)

Freedom Ranae

Glory Blair

Honey Angela-Marie

Jubilee Nyah

July Ethan

Lovely Divine (girl)

Lynx Kaius

Peace Earth (girl)

Shadow Ex-Avier

Spinx Michael Devon

Unique Patience (girl)

STORK REPORT 12/3 (U.S. Version)

image by: Sour Apples Handmade

A look at somes names that have popped up in birth announcements recently.


  • Beck Wayne
  • Caroline Lottie
  • Drake Leon
  • Eli Jasper
  • Lana Michael Lee
  • Loretta June
  • Penny Alyce
  • Remington Bodhi
  • Tuesday Lane


  • Aiden Cane
  • Aurra Jayde
  • Ayven Zye (boy)
  • Ellis David
  • Gentry Dawn
  • Ingrid Belen
  • Olivia Blair
  • Sakae Sinai


  • Annabelle Autumn
  • Bliss Aurora
  • Camden Alberic
  • Emmitt Danger
  • Leland Ernest Alarie
  • Olive Anne


  • Atticus Gray
  • Capri Alyse
  • Charles Irving
  • Declan Cary
  • Ellery Jane
  • Iris Lucille
  • Jude Palmer
  • Piper Rosalie
  • Reese Patricia
  • Sarah Sunshine


  • Alice Kingsleigh
  • Calliope Pearl
  • Colt Carlisle
  • Jordyn Day (girl) 
  • Josie Kalea
  • Oliver Miller
  • River Harrison
  • Royce John
  • Ted Wayne
  • Vera Ella 

What are your favorites?  I love Atticus Gray, Bliss Aurora & Tuesday Lane.