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BANJO & KOA (Australia)

image by hopskipjumppaper 

Alice Rosamond

Amelie Scarlet

Asher Christy (Holly & Olivia)

Banjo Peter

Celeste Adele (Angela & Gabriella)

Connie Aluel

Denham Holley

George Sidney

Indiana Rose France

Indigo Emilee

Jay Phillen

Katarina Sofia (Mattias) 

Koa Jackson

Lowenna Brohnwyn

Nazareth John

Quinn Cedar

Rome Antonio

Rosie Kirsteen

Sinn Murray

Tay Xavier


Wilfred Antony (Molly & Norah)

Zarli Georgia


ESSIE & STORM (international)

image by Green Acres Cottage


Adele Rona

Archer Flynn

Austin Wentworth

Bede Douglas

Cedar Kate (Thiele)

Coco Lani

Elliot Aubrey

Essie Grace (George & Rosie)

Everlie Paige

Felix Campbell

George Warwick

Heidi Josephine (Eloise)

Hugo Neville

Lux Freya (Kite Maia)

Nash Miles

Reve Robert John

Ryah Jade

Simona Mariah

Storm Zachary

Zarli Indiana (Zane) 


Anais Georgina

Andrew Deeks

Anthea Louise

Atticus Jones

Cairbre Nelson

Carmen Arleta

Elizabeth Irma Barbara

Jonah Kaine

Kalevi Gordon

Kennedy Edith

Lillia Diamond

Mazeline Dufresne

Maya Dolores

Morgan Tiberius

Nicholas Errol

Norah Sara

Nova Summer Anne

Theodore Wellington

Weldon Thomas

Ziva Celeste


Adelina Elizabeth

Aoibhinn Margaret

Archie Fred

Beibhinn Maura

Bonnie Sue (Mabel & Oscar)

Ciaran Paul

Conall Patrick

Ellie Phoenix

Faye Iris Anne

Hope Mary

Luca Donal

Marion Anna

Milo Gerard Beckett

Mimi Cecile

Oisin Diarmuid (Cillian & Eabha)

Rex Sebastian

Robin Christopher

Rory Arthur

Ruth Mahon

Ted Fintan


Caleb Raymond & Jonah Denley (CAN)

Delilah Adelaide & Hudson Ryder (CAN)

Elizabeth Coffey “Lily” & John Morrison “Jack”


– picture courtesy of theHollywoodgossip

Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a daughter soon (she may already  be here), but if Tiana-May is not her name, here are my suggestions for the chic little baby-to-be. 

I’m thinking its going to be a unique choice.  Possibly a glitz and glammer name (meaning it will S-H-I-N-E), although I hope her name isn’t Sparkle or Glitter.  🙂   Her mother’s name is Beyonce, after all. 

CELESTINEBeyonce’s mother goes by Tina, but this is her real name.  This would make a great middle name too. Celeste would work too. 

ELECTRAA brilliant choice for the couple.  It means “shining” or “bright”. Or ILO, an African name meaning light, joyous, & sunshine. 

EMERALD or SAPPHIREI can see Beyonce and Jay-Z being intrigued by these gorgeous jewels.  

FATE, KISMET, or KARMAOther words for Destiny. 

GISELLEBeyonce’s middle name.   

KNOWLESPossibly a better choice for a boy, but Beyonce’s name comes from her mom’s maiden name.  This might be baby Carter’s middle name.

MALIKA:  Malika means Queen.  A perfect choice for music royalty.  

MAYAMy safest (i.e. popular) choice for the couple.   If they go “normal”, I could just see them with a little Maya.  Plus, Maya Angelou is always a lovely namesake. 

NINE:  My wildcard, because numbers are cool.  See Harper Seven.

SOLEILA way to honor little sis Solange. Plus, the French word for sun.

VIRELAIVirelai is the name of a type of rhyming structure for poetry and songs that was popular in France during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  I saw this name on Bewitching Names and have been intrigued ever since.  I think it would be perfect for this powerhouse couple.

I’m probably way off base, but it was fun coming up with a list of them.  Do you like any of my choices?  What do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z will name their daughter?  I can’t wait to see what they choose.

OOH, LA LA (French Word Names)


– image by graphiquesepia

Boheme. Ciel. Rouge.

What do these names have in common?  They are all French words that have been used as first  or middle names.    Apparently, Prune (French for Plum) is being used over in France, but that one wouldn’t work over here for obvious reasons.

I’ll admit it.  I love these.  Paris is one of my favorite cities and I have a love for all things French, which is why I named our site Name Soiree Girls Gone Child’s twins recently added to this list with the birth of twin daughters Boheme Shalom & Reverie Lux.  Model Niki Taylor has a daughter named Ciel Taylor.   Child actress (now all grown up) has the unusual appellation of Soleil Moon Frye.    


ALOUETTE                         lark

BEAU                                     handsome

BELLE                                     beautiful

BIJOU                                    jewel

BLEU                                      blue

BOHEME                              Bohemia

CHERIE                                my dear, darling

CIEL                                        sky

ELLE                                       she/her

ETOILE                                  star

FLEUR                                   flower

J’AIME                                  I love you

JOLIE                                     pretty

MAISON                              house

MARDI                                  Tuesday

MATIN                                 morning

MIEL                                      honey

MIETTE                              small & sweet; crumb

NEIGE                                   snow

POMME                               apple

RENARD                               fox

REVE                                      dream

REVERIE                               daydream

ROUGE                                 red

ROUX                                    reddish-brown

RUBIS                                    ruby

RUE                                        street

SATINE                                 satin

SOIREE                                  party

SOLEIL                                   sun

VICTORIE                             victory


  • Beau Dawson
  • Belle Scarlett
  • Bleu Madeleine
  • Ciel Charlotte
  • Etoile Rose
  • Fleur Gabrielle
  • Helena Ciel
  • Jolie Soleil
  • Juliet Roux
  • Katherine Pomme
  • Maison Bennett
  • Mardi Anna Lee
  • Matin Michael 
  • Miel Celeste
  • Miette Eloise
  • Natalie Fleur
  • Renard James
  • Reverie Alice
  • Roux Elliot
  • Rue Alexandra
  • Satine Ellie
  • Soleil Kaya
  • Soleil Lou
  • Vrai Lillian

What do you think about French word names?  Would you use one?  What’s your favorite?