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FORREST GRAY (Australia)

image by hopskipjumppaper

Adalita Eva

Adele Geraldine (Pippa & Bryony)

Asha Phoebe

Ashley Jacob (Benjamin & Timothy)

Atticus Sebastian (Stella, Scarlett, Archie, & Avalon)

Benji Jay

Charlize Susan

Clementine Heidi (Annabelle & Primrose)

David Edley (William)

Eva Cherry

Forrest Gray (Tully)

Georgie Margaret

Heston Dean

Hutton William

Indra Deva

Jagger Raymond

Jonty Archer

Kees Peter

Krishi Leigh

Leilani Celestine

Levi Evagelos 

Liam Duke

Lucas Denham

Meg Ivy

Millicent Margaret

Miranda Bonnie

Neve Liliana

Olive May (Alice)

Percy Charles (Archie & Daisy)

Rogue Elizabeth

Sage Elizabeth (Flynn)

Sam Montgomery

Senna Rae

Tiernan Peter

Tyler Embrey

Wilson Vaughn

Xander Arley

Xavier Wilfred

Yani Dorothea

Zahlia Dorothy (Jackson)

Zahra Claudia (Alexis)



– picture courtesy of theHollywoodgossip

Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a daughter soon (she may already  be here), but if Tiana-May is not her name, here are my suggestions for the chic little baby-to-be. 

I’m thinking its going to be a unique choice.  Possibly a glitz and glammer name (meaning it will S-H-I-N-E), although I hope her name isn’t Sparkle or Glitter.  🙂   Her mother’s name is Beyonce, after all. 

CELESTINEBeyonce’s mother goes by Tina, but this is her real name.  This would make a great middle name too. Celeste would work too. 

ELECTRAA brilliant choice for the couple.  It means “shining” or “bright”. Or ILO, an African name meaning light, joyous, & sunshine. 

EMERALD or SAPPHIREI can see Beyonce and Jay-Z being intrigued by these gorgeous jewels.  

FATE, KISMET, or KARMAOther words for Destiny. 

GISELLEBeyonce’s middle name.   

KNOWLESPossibly a better choice for a boy, but Beyonce’s name comes from her mom’s maiden name.  This might be baby Carter’s middle name.

MALIKA:  Malika means Queen.  A perfect choice for music royalty.  

MAYAMy safest (i.e. popular) choice for the couple.   If they go “normal”, I could just see them with a little Maya.  Plus, Maya Angelou is always a lovely namesake. 

NINE:  My wildcard, because numbers are cool.  See Harper Seven.

SOLEILA way to honor little sis Solange. Plus, the French word for sun.

VIRELAIVirelai is the name of a type of rhyming structure for poetry and songs that was popular in France during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  I saw this name on Bewitching Names and have been intrigued ever since.  I think it would be perfect for this powerhouse couple.

I’m probably way off base, but it was fun coming up with a list of them.  Do you like any of my choices?  What do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z will name their daughter?  I can’t wait to see what they choose.