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Alby Alexander

Alexander Milan

Allegra Raffaella

Brodie Alan Ronald Corporal

Carson Davy

Dali Alan

Dolly Jean

Edie Margaret

Eli Seebo

Elsa Eve

Evelyn Elvi May

Felix Eli

Flynn James Henry (Daisy & Willow)

Georgia Arietta Mei

Harlow Rose (Luca & Ziggy)

Hector Dashiell

Honey Harper

Jasper Quinn (Jeremiah, Felix, Ezra, & Hugo)

Max Venn

May Robyn

Mietta Odette (Lucas & Allegra)

Noah Haughton

Oliver Huxley

Penny Jane

Ronen Brae

Rowena Margaret (Angus & Harriet)

Sonny Brian (Deegan)

Sunday Amelia

Tyler Nile (Deacon)

Violet Alice (Imogen, Xanthe, & Saskia)

Zoe Estella (Sophie & Benjamin)


Asher Harry & Charlie James (Esther)

Dexter Lindsay & Scarlett Ray

Imogen Juliet  & Jemima Chloe (Lucia & Phoebe)


image by KattiesKreation

I knew there was something I forgot to do. I forgot to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas! No, I’m just kidding, although I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And no, I haven’t completely lost my mind either. I do know that it is almost Valentine’s Day.

Did you read this Christmas baby name post at Youcantcallitit? How about this one at nameberry? These posts and several others on name blogs made me wonder if parents were influenced by the holidays in naming their Christmas babies. I tracked babies born on or around Christmas and found out most parents aren’t influenced at all, but I did find some that screamed Christmas (some louder than others). What do you think? Would you ever give your baby a seasonal name? What’s your favorite? Mine would have to be Holiday.

  • Anastasia Star
  • Angel Gabriel
  • Annabella Snow
  • Belle Liberty
  • Belle Star
  • Beth Noella
  • Brody Claus
  • Brooklyn Merry
  • Chloe Snow
  • Christmas Kate
  • Dash Joel
  • Eli Hareld
  • Eloise Noel
  • Emmeline Natalie Noel
  • Eve Charity
  • Felicity Nicole (Starr)
  • Gabriel Xavier
  • Garland James
  • Glory Lee
  • Helena Carol
  • Henry Winter
  • Holiday Kate
  • Holly Bless
  • Hope Adele
  • Hope Josephine
  • Hope Laurel
  • Ivy Gwen
  • Jonah Rudolph
  • Joy Noelle
  • Karyss Noel
  • Knox Rudolph
  • Maleah Carol
  • Marguerite Noelle
  • Mary-Noelle Teresa
  • Miracle Star
  • Natalie Alice
  • Natalie Ellen
  • Nicholas Storm
  • Noel Tadeo
  • Noel Ullises
  • Noella Nadine
  • Noelle Annalyn
  • Noelle Daisy Marie
  • Noelle Laurel
  • Patience Noelle
  • Rudolph Edwin
  • Seraphina Noella
  • Serenity Snow
  • Shepherd Joseph
  • Simon Noel
  • Star Lily
  • Thomas Shepherd
  • Titus Noel
  • Tryn Garland
  • Virginia Pearl
  • Winter Aurelia
  • Xander Noel

If you like these, come back around Easter.  I’ll probably have found some Valentine’s day inspired birth announcements for you then. 


These are my favorites finds this week.   Names that stood out because they are personal favorites of mine, surprising middles, or ones that I don’t see all the time. 

Anouk Eloise

Astrid Verity

August Fenway

Eli Rook

Fable Rose Marie

Hale Lewis

Henry Breckinridge

Liam Medley

Liv Ingrid

Miles Winter

Rita Blanche

Thisbe Caroline

image by SteelPetalPress

STORK REPORT 12/3 (U.S. Version)

image by: Sour Apples Handmade

A look at somes names that have popped up in birth announcements recently.


  • Beck Wayne
  • Caroline Lottie
  • Drake Leon
  • Eli Jasper
  • Lana Michael Lee
  • Loretta June
  • Penny Alyce
  • Remington Bodhi
  • Tuesday Lane


  • Aiden Cane
  • Aurra Jayde
  • Ayven Zye (boy)
  • Ellis David
  • Gentry Dawn
  • Ingrid Belen
  • Olivia Blair
  • Sakae Sinai


  • Annabelle Autumn
  • Bliss Aurora
  • Camden Alberic
  • Emmitt Danger
  • Leland Ernest Alarie
  • Olive Anne


  • Atticus Gray
  • Capri Alyse
  • Charles Irving
  • Declan Cary
  • Ellery Jane
  • Iris Lucille
  • Jude Palmer
  • Piper Rosalie
  • Reese Patricia
  • Sarah Sunshine


  • Alice Kingsleigh
  • Calliope Pearl
  • Colt Carlisle
  • Jordyn Day (girl) 
  • Josie Kalea
  • Oliver Miller
  • River Harrison
  • Royce John
  • Ted Wayne
  • Vera Ella 

What are your favorites?  I love Atticus Gray, Bliss Aurora & Tuesday Lane.