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BIXBY & DEVERAUX (Friday Favorites)

image by Quotes & Quips 

Beckett Fenway

Bixby Louise

Ciel Leona

Declan Tate

Deveraux Patrick

Ethan Hero

Griffin Oak

Hollister Penn

Poppy Quinn

Sylvia Marais

Violet January

Zoey Avalon


These are my favorites finds this week.   Names that stood out because they are personal favorites of mine, surprising middles, or ones that I don’t see all the time. 

Anouk Eloise

Astrid Verity

August Fenway

Eli Rook

Fable Rose Marie

Hale Lewis

Henry Breckinridge

Liam Medley

Liv Ingrid

Miles Winter

Rita Blanche

Thisbe Caroline

image by SteelPetalPress