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CLARA JUBILEE & JACKSON FINCH (whimsical middles)

– image by bomobob

These are fast becoming my favorites.  I love unusual and/or whimsical middle names.

Blake Handsome

Carina Feather

Clara Jubilee

Gabriel Alias

Jackson Finch

Joyce Two

Kayden Moss

Penelope Maple

Sawyer Shine

Sophie Bliss

Tanner Noble

Zinnia Peach


image  by Design des Troy

Casimir George

Cleo Lilias

Gemma Sage

Hugo Jackson

Isaac Jubilee

Isabel Honor

Isla Clementine

Matilda Maple

Reeve Robert

Stella Bluebell

Winston Bay

Wolfe Phillip


image by bomobob 

Wacky Wednesday? Whimsical Wednesday? Weird Wednesday?  I debated on what to call this post.  I don’t like sites that trash baby names.  These are real babies, with parents who love them, but these stand out from the rest of the gang so I’m going with Whimsical.  

Note:  some of these are more whimsical than others.  Enjoy!

Black Cloud (boy)

Freedom Ranae

Glory Blair

Honey Angela-Marie

Jubilee Nyah

July Ethan

Lovely Divine (girl)

Lynx Kaius

Peace Earth (girl)

Shadow Ex-Avier

Spinx Michael Devon

Unique Patience (girl)