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  • Aiden Roscoe
  • Antonia Sabine
  • Benjamin Teddy
  • Brensley Kate
  • Lucas Knight
  • Mae Margaret
  • Millie Reese
  • Presley Gene
  • Priscilla Monroe
  • Rhett Samuel
  • Ridge Alexander
  • Rose Martha


  • Ashgin Arron
  • Beverly Joyce
  • Chadwick Bryant
  • Clover Ruth
  • Delilah Leona
  • Easton Lyric
  • Flynn Montgomery
  • Kaisley Mae
  • Lucy Adele
  • Niko Bay
  • Ralph Bennett
  • Sage Kimberly


  • Adler John
  • Brighton Daye
  • Cambri Lou
  • Edgar Nash
  • Edith Estella
  • Huck James 
  • Kip Joseph
  • Luke Miller
  • Mali Bee
  • Maizie Lucinda
  • Quade Malachi
  • Sorral Paisley


  • Alexander Grey
  • Autumn Gypsy
  • Beatrix Bronwyn
  • Cassius Ara
  • Desmond Archer
  • Emery Colin
  • Fiona Anne
  • Grace Ellida
  • Kate Sweet
  • Ledge Robert
  • Oliver True
  • Temperance Honor


  • Abel Veritas
  • Aloisa Christie
  • Esme Elizabeth
  • Ford Donald Robert
  • Jovie Louise
  • Macalister Thomas
  • Marigold Jean
  • Noah Berry
  • Nora Beckett
  • Owen Brewster
  • Penny Lu
  • Royce Kelly

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SILAS STORM (Friday Favorites)

– image by babybokydesigns 

Ash Ridley

Ben Noble

Coraline Sky

Everett Gray

Hank Presley

Isla Fleur

Lou Violet

Maya Capri

Milo Merritt

Olive Josephine

Silas Storm 

Zoe Adair

OOH, LA LA (French Word Names)


– image by graphiquesepia

Boheme. Ciel. Rouge.

What do these names have in common?  They are all French words that have been used as first  or middle names.    Apparently, Prune (French for Plum) is being used over in France, but that one wouldn’t work over here for obvious reasons.

I’ll admit it.  I love these.  Paris is one of my favorite cities and I have a love for all things French, which is why I named our site Name Soiree Girls Gone Child’s twins recently added to this list with the birth of twin daughters Boheme Shalom & Reverie Lux.  Model Niki Taylor has a daughter named Ciel Taylor.   Child actress (now all grown up) has the unusual appellation of Soleil Moon Frye.    


ALOUETTE                         lark

BEAU                                     handsome

BELLE                                     beautiful

BIJOU                                    jewel

BLEU                                      blue

BOHEME                              Bohemia

CHERIE                                my dear, darling

CIEL                                        sky

ELLE                                       she/her

ETOILE                                  star

FLEUR                                   flower

J’AIME                                  I love you

JOLIE                                     pretty

MAISON                              house

MARDI                                  Tuesday

MATIN                                 morning

MIEL                                      honey

MIETTE                              small & sweet; crumb

NEIGE                                   snow

POMME                               apple

RENARD                               fox

REVE                                      dream

REVERIE                               daydream

ROUGE                                 red

ROUX                                    reddish-brown

RUBIS                                    ruby

RUE                                        street

SATINE                                 satin

SOIREE                                  party

SOLEIL                                   sun

VICTORIE                             victory


  • Beau Dawson
  • Belle Scarlett
  • Bleu Madeleine
  • Ciel Charlotte
  • Etoile Rose
  • Fleur Gabrielle
  • Helena Ciel
  • Jolie Soleil
  • Juliet Roux
  • Katherine Pomme
  • Maison Bennett
  • Mardi Anna Lee
  • Matin Michael 
  • Miel Celeste
  • Miette Eloise
  • Natalie Fleur
  • Renard James
  • Reverie Alice
  • Roux Elliot
  • Rue Alexandra
  • Satine Ellie
  • Soleil Kaya
  • Soleil Lou
  • Vrai Lillian

What do you think about French word names?  Would you use one?  What’s your favorite?