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JASPER SPEAR (Stork report)


Adaleigh Aray

Emalyn Amore

Harold Paul

Haven James

Jathan Christopher

Jessabella Paige

Karen Clarke

Lucy Josephine

Ruthie Claire

Tavar Calil


Adalyn Claudia

Aspen Finnley

Callan Fletcher

Everly Noelle

Haven Jolie

Hollis Austin

Jasper Spear

Kaia Rain

Malin Bray

Micah Everett

Ridge Monroe

Vera Lynn

Wyatt Houston


Antonia Teresa

Asher Troyce

Corban Bennett

Coralyn Wynter

Evander Martin

Florence Isabella

Harper Lillian

Henry Gray

Janette Brielle

Kellan Yates

Luke Rainer

Nicholas Ford

Stanley Williams

Tallulah Eve

Talon Cain

Zoey Nova Sage


image by KattiesKreation

I knew there was something I forgot to do. I forgot to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas! No, I’m just kidding, although I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And no, I haven’t completely lost my mind either. I do know that it is almost Valentine’s Day.

Did you read this Christmas baby name post at Youcantcallitit? How about this one at nameberry? These posts and several others on name blogs made me wonder if parents were influenced by the holidays in naming their Christmas babies. I tracked babies born on or around Christmas and found out most parents aren’t influenced at all, but I did find some that screamed Christmas (some louder than others). What do you think? Would you ever give your baby a seasonal name? What’s your favorite? Mine would have to be Holiday.

  • Anastasia Star
  • Angel Gabriel
  • Annabella Snow
  • Belle Liberty
  • Belle Star
  • Beth Noella
  • Brody Claus
  • Brooklyn Merry
  • Chloe Snow
  • Christmas Kate
  • Dash Joel
  • Eli Hareld
  • Eloise Noel
  • Emmeline Natalie Noel
  • Eve Charity
  • Felicity Nicole (Starr)
  • Gabriel Xavier
  • Garland James
  • Glory Lee
  • Helena Carol
  • Henry Winter
  • Holiday Kate
  • Holly Bless
  • Hope Adele
  • Hope Josephine
  • Hope Laurel
  • Ivy Gwen
  • Jonah Rudolph
  • Joy Noelle
  • Karyss Noel
  • Knox Rudolph
  • Maleah Carol
  • Marguerite Noelle
  • Mary-Noelle Teresa
  • Miracle Star
  • Natalie Alice
  • Natalie Ellen
  • Nicholas Storm
  • Noel Tadeo
  • Noel Ullises
  • Noella Nadine
  • Noelle Annalyn
  • Noelle Daisy Marie
  • Noelle Laurel
  • Patience Noelle
  • Rudolph Edwin
  • Seraphina Noella
  • Serenity Snow
  • Shepherd Joseph
  • Simon Noel
  • Star Lily
  • Thomas Shepherd
  • Titus Noel
  • Tryn Garland
  • Virginia Pearl
  • Winter Aurelia
  • Xander Noel

If you like these, come back around Easter.  I’ll probably have found some Valentine’s day inspired birth announcements for you then. 

BELLAMY FALL (Stork Report – U.S.)

image by: Sour Apples Handmade 


August Malcolm

Axel Gaines

Betsy Marie

Charlize Blair

Ellis Gray

Everon Wayne

Grace Maxine

Jethro Kane

Klaudia June

Parker Blade



Bellamy Fall

Boyd Reed

Devlyn Moss

Gwenna Lee

Marcy Ella

Nicholas Sullivan

Rayne Novenne

Rex Lincoln

Rylan King

Zeb Matthew



Anthony Maynard Lee

Bailey Michael

Evan Journey

Hadley Parker

Jayne Jeanette

Lily Marilu

Palmer Josephine

Ryder Fawkes

Suvanna Kayet Jane

Xavier Mason



Ariella Aurora

Charles Altman

Creed Jace

Declan Shae

Emilia Wren

Honestee Elizabeth Louise

Meya Joette

Solana Noelle

Timber Brice

Wyatt Minor