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CRIMSON (Alabama)

images by Coffeeshop girls

Albert Joseph

Alexander Mercer

Barrett Christian

Cooper Abram

Crimson Taylor-Jane

Dashlyn Marie

Easton Raine

Essence Sariah

Janie Claire

Lincoln Taylor

Madeline Blake

Mason Tyde

Olivia Azure

Paige Jewel

Piper Quinn

Rylan Ace Holt

Shiloh Fern

Taylor David

Wendie Rylan

William Greer

FOX ROYAL & ROSE ETOILE (Friday Favorites)


image by Quotes & Quips

This time I pulled my favorites from international birth announcements.

  • Amelie Laurel Hart
  • Bronte Elizabeth (Zara)
  • Carys Leighton Rose 
  • Caspar Jack Austin (Jake & Freddy)
  • Clementine Alice (Sophie & Pippa)
  • Ethan Trail
  • Fox Royal
  • Jago Joss
  • Kerr Jackson
  • Louisa Primrose (William & Harriet)
  • Miro Adams
  • Rooke Hudson
  • Rose Etoile
  • Verity April 

MAGNOLIA & MAINE (Friday Favorites)

– image by babybokydesigns 

My favorites.     These to me just stand out in the sea of Aidan James, Emma Kate, & Isabella Rose.     Do you like any of these? 

Isabel Vrai

Linus Wildman

Magnolia Mirabella

Maine Ashby

Milo Blue

Noble Kale

Olive Tuesday

Royal William

Teal Olivia

Valentina Finn